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9 Doggie Door Alternatives Design For Pet Owner

Doggie Door Alternatives Become Famous

doggie door alternatives

Doggie door alternatives have come a long way over the years! With options available to suit most types of walls, doors and windows and in a variety of designs and styles, today’s pet owners are truly spoiled for choice when it comes to doggy doors.


There are various reasons why people stay away from old fashioned pet doors and look for alternatives to dog doors. This shift, however, does not invalidate the standard or regular pet door. This pet door turns out to be a great way to let your dog in and out of your home. However, the two main reasons people turn to alternatives are that typical pet doors are difficult to install and not versatile.

dog door alternatives

Far from being a doggy door alternative, dog owners will have a hard time installing a regular door. Doing it yourself can reduce costs but can lead to unwanted results. The other doggie door options left is to hire an expert, and it costs twice as much as DIY.

Also, the typical pet door lacks versatility and is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Conventional pet doors do not accommodate their growth spurt. This problem can cost you more money to re-install or renovate an old doggy door. Reconstruction will also reduce the integrity of your home.


To prove it, we’ve rounded up over 9 creative and adorable dog door ideas to inspire and delight!

1. Traditional and Classic Contemporary Dog Door Ideas

dogie door options for renters

A simple yet classic style dog door by Veneer Design a dog door mounted on a laundry door and mud room is great. Especially if your dog likes to bring a lot of dirt and grime into the house as it is easier to clean than a ‘soft’ living room.

They make multipurpose dog rooms and dog bathrooms too!

2. Dog Wall Door Ideas – With Appropriate Trim

Dog Wall Door Ideas

How cute is the top and bottom installation of dog doors?!.

They both took the standard dog door and added a mini lockable internal door. With trim to match the interior design and decor – a great idea!. They not only add an element of security, but also allow their owners to control when their furry baby has access to the outdoors.

Coincidentally, both dog doors have been mounted to the wall rather than the door (as is usually the traditional standard). We love it!


dog door for sliding screen door

If you already have a door that needs extra attention, this replacement cover is the one for you. Some pet owners have complained of having problems with their old Doggie Door Alternatives. Such problems do not last long, are difficult to install, and the door does not close properly.

With the Door Replacement Flap, you won’t have any problems. You can install this doggy door alternative easily. This product takes 10 to 15 minutes to install, more if you have hairy helper feet. It has a single vinyl cover that will last for years. Dogs walk in and out of pet doors. For added support, pet lovers can also add another cover as a precaution against the impact of bad weather.

In addition, this replacement flap has a magnetic stripe that keeps it closed securely and makes it windproof. Another great thing about this product is that it comes in various sizes, from small to extra large. It is also compatible with most PetSafe pet doors.


dog door for sliding glass door

Another doggy door alternative is the electronic door. This door is great for households with lots of pets, or if you want to control who leaves the house. This automatic door example fits a door 1 to 2 inches thick.

SmartDoor also has three functions: locked, automatic, and unlocked. The ‘locked’ mode prohibits any pets, even those with a SmartKey, from leaving the house. While the ‘unlocked’ option allows dogs in and out of the house.

As for the ‘auto’ mode, only those with a SmartKey can leave the house. But dog owners should teach their dogs how to use this as it isn’t quite slow. In addition, SmartDoor can connect to 5 smart buttons at once and is battery powered. It is also energy efficient because of its UV-protected insulated cover and comes in two sizes, small and large. This product is the perfect doggy door alternative if you want to restrict some of your pets from going outside.

5. Hidden Dog Door Ideas

dogie door alternative for french doors

Sometimes doggy doors can get a little dirty… what better way to hide them than in a closet?! Such a neat idea. This also means they are not immediately visible to visitors and can be hidden in an emergency. Visit Cassandra Ann’s blog to see her hidden doggy door DIY project (pictured above).

6. Internal Dog Gate

doggie door replacement

Dog gates and dog doors tend to travel hand in hand, do not they?

Especially if your pup has free access to the garden, typically it is best to limit them to an exact space of the house after they go back to within – as a result of to be honest, they do not continuously come smelling roses!

Not solely that, pet gates also are nice for keeping your dog (and your belongings) safe whereas you are out. straightforward|it is easy|it is simple} to limit access to puppy-only square measureas that are easy to scrub.

7. PET area DOOR

doggie door reserve

In addition to its sleek look, this product may also face up to a dog’s weight of up to ninety lbs. Pet area Doors by Ideal Pets is put in in most aluminium slippery  area doors. Equipped with a security lock to stop intruders from coming into your home.

Ideal Pet created this product from durable aluminium and clear tempered glass to suit your door. As for the dog entrance, the corporate is thinking of adding a transparent vinyl covering. not like different Canis familiaris door alternatives that have coloured covers. this cover permits your dog to ascertain the surface world.

Apart from the security lock for the door, there are not any special options to prevent your dog from escaping. the sole issue you’ll do is take away the panel entirely, that is straightforward to try to to.

8. Dog Glass Door and Window Door concepts

dog glass door ideas pinterest

Pet doors have come back an extended approach since their humble beginnings. you’ll currently purchase a pet door that matches most forms of doors and walls – from slippery  glass doors to windows, this door fits everybody – simply explore these cool glass door and dog window door solutions.

Talk about seamless integration! A genius move by the designers higher than – turning one in all the glass door window panes into a hidden pet entrance. I conjointly love the ornamentation and also the integrated dog area wardrobe. the interior outside door pet gate is additionally an excellent addition. Congratulations to the smart artistic designers! i am certain the house owners square measure proud of this mod-con.


autoslide pet door review

Many dog house owners don’t need to drill holes in their doors or walls, and this product is for them. The Autoslide Doggie Door Alternatives instantly transforms a door into a pet friendly gate. This product saves you the difficulty of finding the correct door size for your dog.

It’s solely 2 parts, and that they square measure simple to put in. the most part, the fundamental unit, controls automation. whereas the add-on, specifically the RFID tag, functions as your favorite key once going out of the house.

Fur oldsters may also opt for however way the chip ought to be detected exploitation pet mode. they’ll make a choice from 3, six, or 10 feet. Again, this sort of Canis familiaris door different solely permits pets with a semiconductor unit to meet up with the door. Some dog house owners realize this wonderful feature satisfying their thoughts regarding home safety.

Final Conclusion

Doggie Door Alternatives are actually very effective if applied correctly. Because it will make it easier for your pet to enter the house. Without you having to bother opening doors or windows manually. However, choose a safe dog door alternative. Because it is feared that if the door is kept open, it will invite criminal acts of crime from people who see our house. Remember, it’s not necessary with 1 door wide open for this action to occur, just because of 1 small hole a criminal act can occur.

It would be safe if you have a dog door, lock it if your dog is at home or your house is quiet. Also make a dog house that is suitable to be placed in the garden of the house so that if you are traveling the dog can keep an eye on your house.

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