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Guinea Pig Bedding Alternatives For Your Home Inovation

Guinea Pig Bedding Alternatives

Guinea Pig Bedding Alternatives That Suits You

A clean Guinea Pig Bed Alternatives can continue to make your guinea pig happier. So what can you do if you run out of guinea pig bedding.However your very little brother desires his cage cleaned?. Whether or not you’re awaiting a delivery of recent bedding or can’t order a lot of till day. You’ll be left scouring your home for one more possibility.

Since providing a clean cage for your guinea pig is so important to keeping them healthy. It’s best not to put off your work assignments. Which is why we’ve rounded up six great alternatives to these bedding. With the aim that your guinea pig gets a quality bed. However, when reading about what you should use, research to find out what you shouldn’t.

1. Guinea Pig Bedding Alternatives

the most economical possibility of a variety of bedding, making fleece linings for your guinea pig cage, this will require frequent cleaning and laundry to keep your guinea border in condition but will be a very efficient possibility if you make several liners to spin.

Cheap Guinea Pig Bedding Alternatives

2. Hay

With all the fodder that your guinea pig chow, you’ll have detected. That almost all of those very little creatures like to throw their food around you’ll keep use of this. By taking their discarded fodder that has gone stale and repurposing it for a recent layer of bedding.

3. cardboard pieces

With a little effort, you will turn an unused cardboard box into a comfortable enough bed for your guinea pig. We tend to recommend tearing it off with your hands as much as possible. Because if you cut it with the wrong shape. It will leave a sharp edge that will hurt your guinea foot.

4. Straw

Straw is commonly reused as garden mulch. If you have it in your arsenal it will make a bed in a pinch but since it doesn’t absorb significantly, don’t use it for too long.

5.Torn Paper

All letters to ancient assignments and work documents will be torn and finely chopped to make a pig bed. Unfortunately, the ink found in most written papers will be detrimental to your guinea pig’s health. So use this as a contingency only.

6. Daily Newspaper

Just like the chopped paper listed on top of, newspaper will be a beautiful possibility for guinea pig bedding. Many bookstores and cafes merely throw out their older newspapers. Thus it will be a continuing provide at very little to no value. The matter comes, again, within the ink and chemicals used for treating newspapers. Use it in a very pinch, however don’t create it an everyday factor.

What to not Use for Guinea Pig Bedding

As you think about your choices for bedding alternatives, check that to avoid the following:

  • Softwood shavings, particularly cedar and pine. Whereas hardwoods area unit a suitable however not terribly absorbent bedding. Softwood contain volatile chemicals which will seriously injure your guinea pig. Don’t use any product that has a softwood in its ingredient list.
Guinea Pig Bedding Alternatives Options
  • Corncobs have been reused as animal bedding on some farms but are not suitable for guinea pigs. Although the smell is attractive to your pet, it will cause serious health problems if eaten.

How to select Safe Bedding for Your Guinea Pig ?

Ideally, any bedding that you just select for your guinea pig can have 3 qualities. It ought to be:

  • Absorbent, since your guinea pig can doubtless be mistreatment it as a rest room. If the bedding doesn’t absorb liquids, it will leave your guinea pig wet, cold, and sad in a very hurry.
  • Chemical free, as your guinea pig may plan to bite some of the mat
  • Resistant to mould and mildew, as these will quickly turn out metabolism issues for your pet.

The Final Result

Running out stock of guinea pig bedding shouldn’t be a cause for concern. As long as you have one of the guinea pig bedding alternatives on our list. Why not prepare for any time this might happen by making a bunch of fleece pads for your pet’s home? That way, if you ever run out of bedding. You already have a variety to work with in the prepared place.

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