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high chair alternatives for toddlers

6 High chair alternatives Comfortable And Safe For Babies

high chair alternatives
high chair alternatives

High Chair Alternatives Give Benefits Your Baby

Many folks might marvel if there’s a decent High Chair Alternatives different which will facilitate them economize while not sacrificing comfort. You would possibly even marvel if feeding a baby while not a feeding chair is even possible!

A traditional or regular high chair is almost always on the list of essential baby gear. Once the baby reaches six months and the unit area can be maintained without the need for extra supervision. The high chair ensures comfort and luxury as long as you feed your baby.

It conjointly helps babies interact in coming together with members of the family throughout meal times. The quality feeding chair encompasses a single-height position with a fold-out version and/or a removable receptacle wherever baby will grip the clips on aliment.

High chair Alternatives Must Be Used At The Right Time

Baby high chair alternatives

The NHS recommends that babies begin feeding solid foods as early as six months archaic. Thus if you propose on employing a feeding chair, it ought to be prepared by then. If you prefer doing plenty of analysis, i might begin well before your baby is six months previous. There area unit several designs and options to decide on from and it will take your time to sift through them.

What Area Unit The Kinds Of High Chair Alternatives?

There area unit several alternatives to the standard High Chair Alternatives additionally to those antecedently mentioned. There’s a booster seat, folding high chair, travel harness, hook-on high chair, booster seat and fry tower. These alternatives are connected to a table, strapped to a chair, or sitting on the ground and might usually be simply clean and keep when feeding.

However, many people quickly assume that reality will be different from expectations after using this baby furniture product. Some people realize that quality dining chairs are not as flexible as other options.

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They will conjointly take up an excessive amount of house whereas some can leave massive trails which will be a pain to wash up subsequently. Thus folks area unit searching for a less expensive and space-saving different to the quality feeding chair whereas still making certain a secure and gratifying breastfeeding expertise for his or her baby.

When you make your baby registration, it is tough to undertake and discover what you actually want, what would be nice to own, and what would not be necessary. Along side automotive seats, cots, and diapers. The standard high chair which will pay successive few years as a permanent fixture on your table is mostly thought of a universal necessity, however is it really?

high chair alternatives for toddlers

A feeding chair will value upwards of $400, can sometimes solely be smart for many years (especially if you simply have one child). And can in all probability take up plenty of house on your table. If you’re searching for a additional value or house economical choice, there area unit many alternatives to contemplate.

With the foregoing explanation, each difference can have its own advantages and disadvantages that suggest a selection. What works best for one person may not be the most effective for another. Before you pick a dining chair to choose from, take a look at some of these alternatives. All of those area units are either smaller or more economical (and most are both).

Here Are 6 Types Of High Chair

1. Folding High Chair

Folding High Chair

The folding dining chair is similar to the standard dining chair because it is a complete seat for babies. A chair that elevates them to sitting height for a regular table and allows them to be level with adults. With parents or caregivers for socialization and feeding. Bet on the model you choose, most folding chair units for the same price are budget high chairs or old fashioned high chairs at affordable prices.

With this different, you are primarily obtaining a slimmer version of a standard feeding chair that trades in some stability and options for additional comfort. These will sometimes be keep leaning against a wall or during a larder or cabinet.

You can realize some nice samples of high folding chairs here


  • once not in use, the folding feeding chair is keep simply. During a comparatively tiny house compared to the footprint of a typical feeding chair.
  • Several high folding chairs embody a serving receptacle that helps keep your child’s food handy. As luck would have it these trays are also sometimes simple to get rid of and wash (and are usually dishwasher safe).


  • Folding feeding chair costs tend to not be as high as ancient highchairs (perhaps thanks to the restricted handiness of upmarket folding options). However conjointly not essentially additional economical than low cost or mid-range chairs.
  • Even if it could be folded, it would require less floor housing than a standard dining chair. You still want a large space to store the dining chair once it can be folded. In addition, after use, the folding dining chair has footprints that favor static chairs.

2. Booster Chair

Booster Chair For Baby

A booster seat can be a structured seat (usually plastic). It straps to your regular chair to hold the baby or get ready to eat at the dining room table. Bet on the model you choose, the number of lifts given may vary. But its performance is analogous to a high chair.

It is one of the best solutions for your high chair. If you want your baby to have a safe dining table without having to shop for a fancy high chair. Then this can be a good solution. It will always be easy to use, and simple for your baby or food too. As long as you buy a booster seat that fits them, you don’t have to worry about keeping them comfortable while they eat.

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Options like this are also great for those of you who love to travel. This is a simple way to fit a booster seat in the trunk of your car. This indicates that you will be able to take it with you after you take your child to go on vacation. You don’t have to carry a bulky high chair, and mealtimes are easier on the go. This could be a viable option that you may want to look into further.


  • This would be an inexpensive thanks to replicate what a high chair will do. It is also more leisurely than a standard high chair in some ways that.
  • It’s easy to require a booster seat with you once you are visiting friends or family. This could work well for anyone WHO desires to travel this route.
  • Compared to a $150 mid-range feeding chair, a good booster seat could be a nice choice at $35-$60.


  • This option won’t look nearly as good as several ancient feeding chair choices.
  • Some booster seats area unit soft and will be tough to wash. Albeit this is not the case, they still tend to own additional places. For food to snag thanks to the additional set of straps.
  • Some folks loathe having to tie a booster seat to the seat anytime they need to feed their youngsters.
  • Older youngsters should be able to drop chairs additional simply than high chairs. That tend to own larger bases to avoid such issues.

3. Seat Booster

Seat Booster For Baby

Booster seat unit is an alternative booster for some time. It works by attaching the chair booster to the legs of your desk chair. This can raise the chair a few inches to be high enough for your child to reach the table. This allows them to eat together with their families in full togetherness.

Of course, one of the problems with this technique is that the child must be stable enough to be able to eat without being tied to a chair. This may be a good technique for toddlers who are already starting to develop. If your baby is still unable to hold still, then this technique may become impractical. This is not something that includes strict rules, as it really depends on your child’s motor skills.

It will conjointly not be a practicable resolution for babies. Even so, many of us like this booster seat. If you have got toddlers WHO area unit able to eat with the family. Then this may be a reasonable thanks to permit them to use a daily table chair. You do not ought to obtain something that prices an excessive amount of cash, and it’ll work simply fine.


  • It’s easy to connect the seat booster to the legs of your table chair. It should not take too long to urge everything prepared.
  • This technique conjointly does not value plenty of cash, creating it an inexpensive resolution. If you wish to require a seat booster with you on the go. Then you will be happy to listen to it’s quite transportable.


  • This idea extremely solely works sure varieties of things. Your fry ought to be of the correct age and wish. To develop their motor skills so much enough to be able to cash in of them.
  • The child won’t be tied to the seat in any means. After you use this seat booster, thus accidents will occur.
  • Since the seat booster operates on the legs of the chair and not the seat. There are not any extra safety options to assist keep your kid within the seat. If you select a booster seat for a fry, you’ll conjointly wish to buy a harness to stay him from rocking out of the chair.

4. Hook Chair

Hook Chair For Baby

The seat hook attaches to the table and allows your baby to eat with you. Will be slightly pushed back from the table. These are really very expensive in some cases, thanks to the fact that they have to be durable and durable enough to carry seeds. Most options can cost you between $70 and $90 and area units like cheap high chairs.

This hook chair even comes with alittle receptacle which will facilitate keep your table secure. You do not ought to worry concerning minor spills and alternative accidents damaging your table whereas your kid is feeding. This works terribly well, and it ought to conjointly create your kid happy. They might like to be able to eat with people.

This is helpful as a result of you’ll be able to sometimes attach it to virtually any table. And you do not ought to trust a chair to figure during a building. They extremely shine during a garden or camp. Setting wherever you’ll be able to hook them to the sting of a picnic table!.


  • Since the chair attaches on to the table. Your baby will be part of the family meal rather than being pushed around by the large high chair base. Some choices conjointly permit it to rotate on the seat for a full read of the realm and improve feeding.
  • Most hook seats have a serving receptacle for your baby. That conceals the highest of the hook and makes cleansing when feeding simple.


  • The hook seat can’t be used on all tables, like tables with glass ace or unsupported leaf extensions. In addition, hook-on seats aren’t rated for kids over thirty seven pounds.
  • Because of all the weather required to connect a chair to a work surface. It is tough to stay all the nooks and crannies clean.

5. Toddler Tower

toddler tower for babies

A toddler tower for babies, additionally known as a study tower, will be used rather than a standard high chair throughout informal meals. This permits your kid to square next to a table or table and move around in an exceedingly tiny space.

This is another slightly completely different various however it’ll have a lot of uses than simply mealtimes for toddlers. They’re going to be helpful in serving to your tyke learn to scrub their hands, brush their teeth, and customarily be a lot of freelance.

You can realize an excellent example of this learning tower here.


  • If your kid gets impatient whereas you prepare food. The relative freedom the tower permits will facilitate keep him busy rather than running round the room.
  • Toddler towers area unit smart for quite simply mealtimes. And may be wont to embrace your infant in change of state and baking, similarly as giving them access to the sink to scrub their hands.


  • You’re unlikely to look to a tyke tower for the same value as a budget dining chair unless you’re willing to try making your own. They have a tendency to be valued a lot of within the $100-$200 vary.
  • Since it’s designed for a standing kid, it will not be helpful till your kid is standing steady. And is in a position to square for extended periods of your time, maybe around eighteen months.

6. Seat Travel Harness

car seat travel harness

This cloth attachable chair sounds like a marsupial pouch for your baby. And fits in most chairs. the thought is that they’ll move with you.


  • Most designs on the market area unit designed to be simple to use and slot in most chairs.
  • It travels simply and packs tiny. they’re typically light-weight and infrequently slot in a dynamical bag with alternative baby gear.


  • As with the selection of a hook seat, it’s vital to think about that infants and toddlers. Develop strength quickly and will attempt to escape. Travel seat harnesses tend to own a brief time period.
  • The harness is formed of material and is meant for travel. Which means that it’s not meant for everyday use. I’d assume that everyday use would cause wear and tear.

How to feed a baby while Not A High Chair?

You may plan to cop out of shopping for a high chair or end up in an exceedingly place while not a chair. Once this happens, don’t be concerned. certify the baby is sitting on the ground or on your lap. Feed them gently with a spoon or place food in an exceedingly bowl or on the table if you’ve got one.

Of the various types of High Chair Alternatives that we make reference. We hope that one of them will suit your tastes and needs. Remember, comfort & safety remains number one because it concerns your baby. Share with your Family & friends if you found this article useful.

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